MODEL POLICIES that are genuine and authentic to North Carolina – Police, Sheriff, and Detention

Our focus is legal accuracy and sufficiency, without the error of too much policy.

Policy is the province of properly elected Sheriffs and duly appointed Chiefs of Police – not boards of directors in faraway think tanks.

Elegant lawyer-speak is of little value at the patrol level. If patrol officers cannot understand policy, it is worthless.

At the end of any policy revision project, the final product must always be your policy.

With Smith Rodgers, you may

Make side-by-side comparisons of our NC Policy Materials with existing departmental policies for determination of legal compliance, completeness, accuracy, and identification of errors or omissions.

Amend or replace high liability provisions by directly lifting key phrases and terminology as helpful to improve, update, fill-in, reduce, augment, or comprehensively “fix” existing departmental policy.

Make wholesale incorporation and replacement of selected policy topics, or even replace an existing policy manual in its entirety, in accordance with the professional judgment of the Sheriff or Chief.

Supplement and “cross-check” a commercially purchased (non-North Carolina based) policy system.

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