We offer 24/7 tactical legal support for law enforcement organizations who must operate in an increasingly complex justice system.

  • Warrantless entry & search

  • Vehicle, consent, crime scene searches

  • General fourth amendment jurisprudence

  • Probable cause & protection against false arrest

  • Application & execution of search warrants

  • Homeland Security legal issues

  • Nontestimonial identification orders

  • Eyewitness identification procedures

  • Service & enforcement of domestic violence protective orders

  • Interrogation, Miranda, and Sixth Amendment right to counsel

  • Police canine – admissibility & liability

  • Juvenile law & procedure

  • Jail/detention center legal issues

  • Police Negligence & “Public duty doctrine” issues
  • Substantive criminal law – elements & interpretation

  • Use of force

  • Civil Process, evictions, prejudgment remedies & Writs of execution

  • Fire scene searches & use of administrative inspection warrants

  • Public records law, personnel law, fitness for duty

  • First Amendment legal issues

  • Drug interdiction & proper use of anticipatory Search warrants

  • Special search authority during emergencies & riots

  • Service of involuntary commitment orders

  • State & federal tort liability risk management

  • Real-time consultation concerning latest state/federal court rulings

  • Real-time consultation concerning legislative enactments

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